Effectiveness like never seen before, aiming with formidable precision and long-term, 100% measurable results. This is search marketing, one of the most profitable results of the information revolution of the past 15 years, the object of our work and passion.

We are present in several fields of search marketing. We optimized our first webpage in 2007, and today, we can proudly claim that our activities have spread out to every type and field of search optimization and search marketing, both in the domestic (Hungarian) and international scene.

We are planning and managing successful search marketing campaigns. Long-term thinking, cost-effectiveness and reliability are the supporting structures of our work philosophy. When we optimized our first webpage back in 2007, our job was a lot easier. Since then, a whole industrial branch has evolved with masses of outstanding experts and a great deal of contents competing with each other. Searching traditions have also changed; the consumer needs have been refined and specialized.

Therefore, we pay special attention to following the international trends, with special care to Google’s improvements and communication. Besides performing our daily duties, we tirelessly search for, test and deliver new work methods, procedures and knowledge bases.

The acquired and tried new knowledge materials are then immediately applied in our daily work.

We constantly train our clients just like we do ourselves. We have held trainings at agencies, education institutions as well as smaller and bigger businesses. We publish, give presentations, give advice and have conversations.

Our job is ultimately about searchability. We make our clients’ web-based contents visible and searchable in the infinite space of the internet for those who start searching for a given content, service or product and whenever they do so.


Our three main scopes of activity, which are all strongly related to each other, are consulting, planning and managing SEO projects, and training. As most companies dealing with SEO on a professional level, the majority of our customers comes from the SME sector as well. It has become obvious to us in the past years, however, that there is also a high need for our work on an agency level. Therefore, we undertake the training of employees of agencies in the form of intensive courses as well as running complete search optimization projects as subcontractors.


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