Search marketing, SEO trainings


We have been present in various fields of search engine marketing education for more than five years. Continuous training of internal staff is an important element of a company’s long-term development and market position conservation. We conduct a human resource knowledge management service that covers the whole of the work processes of search engine marketing from signing management contracts through the development of strategic plans the implementation of operational work.

Search optimization, SEM trainings


Management search marketing trainings


The purpose of management search engine marketing courses is that the professional parameters, in particular, the price/value ratio, the subject and areas of the service, future results and the time schedule for all these, become clear for the managers and decision makers who mandate the realization of SEM campaigns.


  • We provide general knowledge and specific help to the creation of credible and effective contracts.
  • During the trainings, we describe all relevant areas and work processes of search engine marketing.
  • We provide help in measuring the effectiveness of the campaign and evaluating the results.


In our courses, we provide clear and easy-to-apply knowledge to minimize the sources of conflicts of signing long-term contracts, which guarantee real results, and working together.

SeCon Trainings

Professional search marketing trainings


At most companies, colleagues dealing with marketing have a problem with the daily tracking of SEO and SEM trends, adaptation of new rule systems, integration of response methods into the daily workflow and defining new opportunities and directions for development. This is simply because it requires a lot of time and energy. We offer a solution to this problem with our trainings.




  • The historical analogies of searches and organizing
  • The integrated search engine marketing strategy creation methodology
  • Designing and building a search engine friendly website
  • Determination of content
  • The methodology of search engine friendly content structure and making it attractive for visitors
  • Methodology for continuous improvement of search engine friendly content
  • Custom SEO Solutions: SEO tech, on and off site SEO
  • SEO and SEM – overview of search, display, social, video and other content advertising
  • In fact, what is the link building?
  • Communication and algorithm updates at Google
  • Why is nothing new under the sun? Google updates as basis of success
  • How to prepare for the future?


Our trainings equip our students with the appropriate theoretical principles of general and specific practical skills.

During training, we pay special attention to the transfer of the individual approach essential to successful design and management of SEO and SEM campaigns. Our students can learn the methodology and the methodology of effective follow-up and application of new trends and developments.

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