Strategic SEM, SEO consultancy


During SEM, and SEO consultaning, we thrive to discover and utilize all the possible means of generating traffic and conversion in connection with our client’s website that can make the performance of the site more effective in the long run.

  • We determine the current statuses as well as achievable and available objectives during the audit.
  • We examine and record the entire web presence.
  • We develop an integrated search engine marketing strategy: we design and, if necessary, we build the system that ensures long-term searchability.
  • We provide a complete implementation search engine marketing plan.
  • We also serve special needs of the entire search engine marketing work areas and trends.
  • We offer custom-made service solutions for companies, enterprises, institutions and product.
  • We record the consultancy in a documentation of at least 20 pages, followed by a 2-hour support opportunity.


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